flying with a mobile

The potential risks of not switching off your mobile device or enabling ‘Flight Mode’ whilst travelling by air or sea.

Here are some key points worth keeping in mind before you travel:

  • A mobile device can connect to some satellite network services, where the service is made available via air and maritime travel companies, automatically. There will be no authorisation required from the end-user to connect.
  • When the device is not switched off, or placed in flight mode, mobile device applications can consistently update and run in the background, using data services without the user’s knowledge, even if the device is stored away.
  • Roaming spend on satellite roaming services is not considered the same as mobile network roaming, it is not included within standard roaming bundles or services. In addition, out of bundle costs are in most cases significantly higher than standard roaming costs by destinations within set world zones.
  • The EU spend cap of €50 does not cover these services at all. However, the Worldwide Data Cap covering data consumption in excess of £35 does, where users have opted in to this.


As advised by our suppliers we will help our customers avoid bill-shock when travelling:

The above guidance was prepared and provided by Digital Wholesale Solutions.


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